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Learn-to-Skate Classes

New Learn-to-Skate dates -
Friday, November 30th and
Sunday, December 2nd!

Sign up for one day for $99 or both days for just $149! Missed the first days of class? No worries. You can easily do a makeup!
Learn-to-Skate USA memberships for 17/18 season have expired. Be sure you register for the new season today! 

New Programs at the Rink!

Totsicles and Tot Stars Skate and Create! Both classes are designed for preschool age children and are held weekday mornings. Click on the Totsicles and/or Tot Stars Skate and Create link on the drop down menu for more information and use the link below to register! 
Totsicles & Tot Stars Skate and Create registration link!


'Learn to skate USA' will prepare  you/your child for advancement in the sport of skating. Skating can be a group or an individual sport. It teaches self discipline and the feeling of accomplishment with the skill.

Important Information

* Sessions run continuously every 5 weeks on Sunday mornings and/or Friday evenings. There are times due to holidays, tournaments, etc. that we have a week scheduled off. Be sure to check the Learn-to-Skate brochure on the Home page for current dates. 

* Feel free to join after the session has already started - we would love to have you! You can do a make-up class on one of the other days that classes are scheduled. 

* Not ready to commit? Trial classes are allowed. ($20 per trial class, per skater.) Please check in at the window, not the Learn-to-Skate desk, to register for a trial class. 

* One make-up class per session, per skater is allowed.

* Please allow yourself enough time to check in and get your skates on. On the first day, there tends to be a line and this can impede on your class time. Make-ups are not allowed due to missed class time and classes will not be extended. Upon arrival at the rink each week, please get your name badge from the Learn-to-Skate table. Badges are required for class. 

* Once you have your skates on and tied securely to the top, using all of the hooks in a crisscross pattern, head into the rink. If it is your class time, proceed to the far door and we will get all kids on the ice from there. If your class hasn't started but Learn-to-Skate has already begun, you may practice on the other side of the cones until your class begins. Remember, practice is of utmost importance! Sunday practice time is - 10:45a-12:45p. Friday practice time is 5:15p-6:45p.

* Don't forget your gloves/mittens and helmets! (They are not provided by the rink.)

* Please note, coaches are not responsible for holding up skaters during class. Skaters are expected to try to stand on their own.

Clothing and Equipment

  • Dress in layers
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Helmets (Under 8 mandatory)
  • Cage helmet (Required for hockey)
  • Skate rental is included

*With having limited skates in certain sizes, those who come first, will have more of an advantage in getting the correct size skates. We will not hold skates for anyone.*


Class Friday OR Sunday for 5 weeks
Tots, Basics, Freestyle
$149 Advanced Freestyle - 1  hr 
Class BOTH Sunday & Friday for 5 weeks

$149 Tots, Basics, Freestyle
$225 Advanced Freestyle - 1 hr 
* Trial classes are $20/class.

* No refunds will be given.

Class Times

Sunday – 9:45a to 12:45p
(Practice time is 10:45a-12:45p.)

9:45-10:45 Advanced Freestyle
10:45-11:15 Snowplow 1-4 (Tots), Hockey 1-4
11:15-11:45 Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3
11:45-12:15 Basic 4, Basic 5, Basic 6 
12:15-12:45 Pre-Freestyle, Freestyle, Adults 

Friday – 5:15 to 6:45p
(Practice time is 5:15-6:45p.)

5:15-5:45 Advanced Freestyle (Pt.1), Special Olympics
5:45-6:15 Snowplow 1-4 (Tots), Basic 1, Basic 2, 
Basic 3, Special Olympics
6:15-6:45 Basic 4, Basic 5, Basic 6, Pre-Freestyle, 
Freestyle, Advanced Freestyle (Pt. 2), 
Adults, Hockey 1-4

Please note, the Advanced Freestyle class on Fridays will be broken down into two parts, 5:15-5:45 and 6:15-6:45, due to the amount of classes on the ice at 5:45. The skaters may choose to take a break in between or as we recommend, practice!

Class Levels

Tots 1-4 (6 and under) - Basic elements  for the younger skaters including marching, swizzles, backward wiggles, glides and dips. Helmets are mandatory for our tot classes. (Age is an estimate. You can choose Tots or Basic when signing up.)

Basic 1 (7 and up) - Marching, fall down and get up,  backward wiggles, forward swizzles and beginning snowplow stop.

Basic 2 - Backward swizzles, two foot turns, one foot glides and stops.

Basic 3 - Backward glides, slaloms, one foot pumps and backward stops.

Basic 4 - Forward crossovers, forward edges on the circle, backward glides, two foot spins and backward pumps on the circle.

Basic 5 - Backward crossovers, backward edges on the circle,  one foot three turn on an outside edge, advanced two foot spins and hockey stops.

Basic 6 - Spirals, bunny hops, one foot three turn on an inside edge, side toe hops and turns on the circle.

Pre-Freestyle - Mohawks, landing positions, ten step mohawk pattern on the circle, mazurka, waltz jump and one foot spin.

Freestyle 1-6 - Jumps, spins, edge work, spirals and moves-in-the-field.

Hockey 1-4 - Must have hockey skates and a cage helmet. Sticks are not allowed during Learn-to-Skate time. Prerequisites - Tots 4 or Basic 3

Adults (18 and above) - Learn to skate at a more relaxed pace. Many elements from various levels are covered according to your level of skating.

Special Olympics - Different levels of classes designed for each skater. Choose 'Special Olympics' from the drop down menu.

* Remember, some classes are harder than others and may need to be repeated. Don't be discouraged - practice!

Session Dates

Current and next session dates -   

Fall Session 3
Friday- 11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 12/21 & 12/28
Sunday- 12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 12/23, 12/30
Winter Session 1
Friday- 1/11, 1/18, 1/25, 2/1 & 2/8
Sunday- 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3 & 2/10

*Dates run continuously throughout the year. Check back for future session dates soon!

Learn-to-Skate at Ice Land is YEAR round! Classes are Sunday mornings and Friday evenings from September to June. Classes are on Wednesday and Friday nights during the summer. Learn-to-Skate, public sessions, freestyle and hockey run every month, all year long! Skate to great all year long with us at Ice Land Skating Center!

Missing a class and need to do a make-up? No problem! The make-up class MUST be taken during the same session as you missed the class in. Only ONE make-up per skater, per session. No exceptions! Sorry, there is no option for a make-up during sessions where LTS is held only one day a week.

Learn-to-Skate Insurance - Mandatory

Learn-to-skate USA requires a registration number for each skater in order to participate in their hockey or figure skating programs. This is done only ONCE per season. (July 1-June 30) You MUST bring a copy of your registration to the Learn-to-Skate desk at the beginning of each session, unless you have selected Ice Land Skating Center during registration.
Click Here to Sign Up for LTS USA

Learn-to-Skate Coaches

Skating Director - Jenn Schaffener
  * Donna Console * Jeanne Bachmann
* Kyra Ribansky * Abaan Kermani

* Rebecca Robotin * Laura Gardner
 * Angela Sidoti * Heather O'Connell

Jenn Schaffener

Learn-to-Skate Director - Feel free to call, text or email with any questions you mave have!

Phone: 609-712-1077

Ways to Sign Up for Learn-to-Skate

* You can sign up for Learn-to-Skate by clicking the link above. You will have to make an account the first time you log in and then you will be able to register online each session.

* You can also sign up in person at the rink, but we advise that you get to the rink early, as there tends to be a line to register on the first day of each new session. Avoid the line - register online! Or stop by the rink during our normal operating hours to register for classes. 

* Make sure to register for Learn-to-Skate USA (insurance) once per season as noted in the middle column. Please choose 'Ice Land Basic Skills Program' from the online list. Being a member of Learn-to-Skate USA includes a welcome packet, a subscription to Learn-to-Skate USA Magazine, secondary sport insurance, great information to make your first glides on the ice successful and more! Registration for Learn-to-Skate USA is MANDATORY and done separately from registration for Learn-to-Skate.

Starter Private Lessons

Starter private lessons are a great way for a child or adult who has never skated, to get a one-on-one lesson with one of our instructors before their first group lesson. Starter lessons help to ease you/your child's nerves if they are nervous about skating. Consider a private lesson before your first class! Coaching fees (to coach) and ice time fees (to Ice Land) apply and are paid on the day of each lesson. Call, text or email our director Jenn to schedule your first lesson.

Private lessons are available as a starter lesson or as a way to continue learning skating skills. Whatever your goals are, we are here to guide you! 

Gift Certificates

Would you love to give someone the gift of ice skating? A future figure skater perhaps? The next big hockey player? Contact our skating director or the front desk, to purchase your gift certificate for a Learn-to-Skate session today! 

Adult Skating Classes

We have adult Learn-to-Skate classes on both Fridays and Sundays from beginner to advanced levels. Whether you have NEVER skated before and have always wanted to learn or you are more advanced and want to continue to learn, join us on the ice! Learn at your own pace along with other adults. What a fun activity for the entire family to learn - together!

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Skating Club of Ice Land

Did you hear? The Skating Club of Ice Land is offering Learn to Skate Memberships for a discounted rate of $40 per year INCLUDING a Skating Club of Ice Land jacket! 

So why join the club? For many reasons of course!

* Get a Skating Club jacket!
* Skate in our club shows at a discounted rate!
* Attend our annual Skating Club awards banquet!
* Volunteer with the club at many venues throughout the year!
* Attend our annual summer party!
* Join the Junior Leaders or Mini-Junior Leaders!
* Have access to all of our fabulous Skating Club spirit wear!
* Make new and lifelong friendships with your skating family!
* And most important - HAVE FUN!

Click here for more information and for a membership application!