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Ice Land, Black Bear Sports Group, Ice Land NJ

Our Pro Shop is open 10/25 - 5 to 10:20p, 10/26 - 5 to 10:35p, 10/27 - 5 to 9:30p, 10/28 - 5 to 10:30p, 10/29 - 5 to 8:15p, 10/30 - 9a to 7:15p, 10/31 - 7:30a to 3p. Hours are subject to change.

Upcoming Events, Dates and Programs

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Teachers Convention Hockey Clinics!

Join Chris Barcless and his staff for two days of clinics over NJ Teacher's Convention (November 4 + 5, 2021!) Skate both days for $200, one day for $125. In order to get the discount, days MUST be purchased together. There are no refunds once purchased. These clinics will be set up the same way as his Summer Camps. Reserve your spot today. Clinics will be capped.

* Open from Mites to Bantams, travel level players. (2007-2013 Birth Years)
* Pack a lunch daily. If the Snack Bar will be open, we will let you know.
* Full gear required.
* Clinics will run from 9a-3p. Drop off as early as 8:30a and pick up at 3p.

IMPORTANT! If you are ONLY doing one day, when the calendar comes up, do not worry that both days are highlighted. The system will not allow us to give a discount for the second day, unless we do it as a 'weekly' registration instead of a 'daily' registration. Your registration will be linked to which day(s) you paid for. Also, do not worry that it does not say the correct time on the calendar. The clinic times are listed above and THOSE are correct!

  • 5 hours of on-ice instruction.
  • Daily power skating sessions, skills and drills.
  • Scrimmages every day (game situation).
  • Skills competitions between teams includes puck control, relay, speed skating, hardest shot and accuracy test.     

Teachers Convention Clinics for Learn to Skate and Figure Skating!

Join our staff on Thursday, November 4 and/or Friday, November 5 for Learn to Skate and Figure Skating Clinics!  While they will run side by side, they are run completely independent of each other. Both days of clinics will be run the same as our Summer Camps. Just like camp, the Learn to Skate Clinics will have their own theme each day and the days' activities will follow along with the theme! Skaters will spend time on the ice, off the ice doing exercise, arts and crafts and games! The Figure Skating Clinics will spend most of their day on the ice, but will have 2-3 off ice sessions each day including off-ice jumps, yoga, stretching, hex jumps and more!

Learn to Skate Clinics - 9a-3p
Figure Skating Clinics - 8:30a-3p

Learn to Skate levels are Tots to Basic 6 and age 4 .
Figure Skating levels start at Pre-Freestyle and go up to USFSA levels.

Skaters will pack a lunch. If the snack bar will be open, we will let you know closer to!
If you need before or after care, contact me to arrange.

IMPORTANT! If you are ONLY doing one day, when the calendar comes up, do not worry that both days are highlighted. The system will not allow us to give a discount for the second day, unless we do it as a 'weekly' registration instead of a 'daily' registration. Your registration will be linked to which day(s) you paid for. Also, do not worry that it does not say the correct time on the calendar. The clinic times are listed above and THOSE are correct!

Sample schedules can be found on our Summer Camp webpages. (

* Discounts are only if you purchase both days together. If you want to add another day at a later date, the discount will NOT be added. 

Try hockey for free day!

Try hockey for free at Ice Land on Saturday, November 6! Make sure to register at the link below as space is limited. Skaters aged 4-9 are welcome to attend.

Saturday, November 6, 2021, 12:30-1:30p

*You do not need to have your own gear. We are working on getting loner equipment with the hope to outfit everyone who wants to try! We will arrange a ‘fitting day’ before the event.
**In order to try hockey for free, players must have ice skated before and be able to stand on their own or it won’t be enjoyable for anyone!
***If you have participated in a hockey program before, this is not for you! Check out our Learn to Play + Rec Hockey programs!

Former Chief Ross Colton Game Winning Goal in the Stanley Cup!

Ice Land had the pleasure of hosting Ross Colton and the Stanley Cup at Ice Land, July 16, 2021! We are honored Ross chose Ice Land as one of his many stops today! We are so proud of you, Ross! Enjoy it.

Two words, one name - Ross Colton. Stanley. Cup. Game. Winning. Goal. As you can probably tell, we are beyond excited and proud at our little rink, in our little town of Hamilton, NJ. We watched one of our very own not only follow his dreams to the NHL, not only score in his second shift ever on NHL ice, not only make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs with his team, not only score goals during the Stanley Cup playoffs, BUT score the game winning (And only!) goal of the game for his team to become the 2021 Stanley Cup Champions! 

Ross started playing ice hockey with the Chiefs at Ice Land many years ago and he was a Chief from Mites to Midgets, leaving one year for PeeWee but returning back to his roots the next season. Coach Barcless was his coach from PeeWee Major to Midget Minor. He then went on to play for Coach Rob Broderick with the Rockets, his second year of Midgets. Ross also played at Princeton Day School and then went to the Taft School in Connecticut. He finished High School in Cedar Rapids where he played for 2 years in the USHL and then attended the University of Vermont for 2 years. Ross left early to play in the AHL in Syracuse for 2 years, before he was called up to the NHL to play for the Tampa Bay Lightening this February!

All the while, when he was home, you could find him at Ice Land training on his home ice, with his home coach, Chris Barcless. Ross credits Chris with being one of his biggest influences in his career. You better believe Ross keeps in contact with Chris regularly, keeping him in the loop on everything hockey and still comes home to train with him!

Chris said, ‘I've been so lucky and fortunate to work with so many great players over the last 25 years. To have a former player win the Stanley Cup is an incredible feeling! Ross deserves everything he has achieved. I knew he was bound to do something special in hockey. I just never imagined it would be this great. I'm so happy for him and his family.’

Ice Land and the Chiefs have always been a special place to Ross, often returning to help Chris at his infamous summer camps, to train or to coach. This past season he was co-coaching at Ice Land for the Chiefs U18 Premier and U16 National teams with his brother Rob Colton and Head Coach Rob Broderick, his former Midget coach, who is now the General Manager of Ice Land and the Chiefs. Talk about full circle for both Rob Broderick and Ross!

Rob Broderick said, ‘I know Ross will say Chris Barcless is the biggest reason he is where he is. Development is key and nobody is better than Chris - nobody. I coached Ross at Midgets but he was already a phenom. One of the best periods of my coaching experience was sharing the bench with Ross and his brother Rob this past year. So proud of Ross, and Chris, and the Mercer Chiefs!’

While Ross was coaching this past year, he formed a bond with many of the players on the team. During the Chiefs’ season, Ross was called up to Tampa Bay’s bench. Even after a hard fought loss for the Chiefs in the playoffs, a game Ross couldn’t make because he was, you know, playing in the NHL, he took the time to reach out to the players and let them know how proud he was of all of them.

Elliott Lareau, who was lucky enough to be coached by Ross this past season on the U18 Premier team said, ‘Ross had a special bond with the players because he is only a couple of years older than us. He would take the time to talk hockey with us, me being a center and Ross being a center, Ross helped me a lot with face-offs.’ Elliot went on to say how proud he was of Ross and what a surreal experience it was having just been coached by Ross months earlier and now his coach is in the Stanley Cup!

Surreal is right. Dreams do come true, even from our little rink, in our little town. #onceachiefalwaysachief

Chris Barcless Named Youth Hockey Coach of the Year!

Our very own Chris Barcless was honored with the Youth Coach of the Year award with the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association this year. ‘I’m honored and grateful to be recognized but this award really isn’t about me. It’s about our ownership and organization and all of the people involved that made this season possible. Those are the ones that deserve the credit,’ Chris said. Always humble, always kind, it’s perfectly fitting that Chris would take the chance to honor everyone else when given the award! We are truly the lucky ones to have Chris with the Chiefs and Ice Land! Congratulations Chris!

Princeton Tiger Lilies - New Director of Hockey!

Rebecca Morse hired as Director of Hockey for the Princeton Tiger Lilies, current professional hockey player brings experience and passion for developing girls hockey!

The Princeton Tiger Lilies Girls Hockey Club announces the hiring of Rebecca Morse to serve as the club’s Director of Hockey. Rebecca will be directing all aspects of the club, including coaching and player personnel and development.

Rebecca is currently an assistant captain for the Metropolitan Riveters in the National Women’s Hockey League. A fan favorite and NWHL All-Star, Rebecca has played for the Riveters for the past five seasons after a four-year standout collegiate career at Providence College.

Rebecca also has ten years of experience as a coach and instructor, most recently as the Girls Hockey Director for the Union Thunder Youth Hockey Club. Her passion for developing hockey as a game for everybody earned her the 2020 NWHL Foundation Award for her service to the game.

“My vision for PTL is to be THE option for girls in the region who are looking to improve their hockey skills and training, expand their knowledge of the game, and pursue a future in the sport,” said Rebecca Morse. “The program has a rich history that dates back to before I started playing youth hockey in New Jersey. I plan to foster a culture that honors this history, yet continuously strives to elevate it to new heights for generations to come. If the majority of girls coming out of our program are still involved in hockey in 10 years, regardless of the level, I'll know that I've done my job.”

“We are very excited to have Rebecca Morse lead PTL and help it grow back into a dominate program in the Mid Atlantic area. We want to build a strong program from the bottom up and develop talent that will get them the opportunity to play at the collegiate level,” said Tim Chase, Director of Girls Hockey - Northeast Region, Black Bear Sports Group. “There is a lot of room for growth in girls hockey and Rebecca will play an integral part of the process in not just the Princeton area but in the entire region where Black Bear has a footprint.”

The Princeton Tiger Lilies was founded in 1992, making it the oldest and most established girls hockey program in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Alumni from the program have gone on to the play at the NCAA Division I and the NWHL. In partnership with their home rink, Ice Land in Hamilton, NJ, and Black Bear Sports Group, the club looks to help grow girls hockey across the region. More information about the club can be found at

For More Information on Princeton Tiger Lilies, contact: 

Rebecca Morse -

Tim Chase -

Black Bear Selects Team for 2006 Birth Years!

Black Bear Sports Group creates the Black Bear Selects team to compete in international competition! The team will compete at the World Selects Trophy in Nashville, TN from June 28-July 2, 2021.

Black Bear Sports Group has created a new invitation only tournament hockey team at the 2006 birth year level called Black Bear Selects. The team will compete at the international World Selects Trophy from June 28-July 2, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The World Selects Trophy tournament feature the top teams and players from the United Sates, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and more. The tournament is considered one of the most highly scouted and competitive events in youth hockey.

The Black Bear Selects will be led by Chris Kanaly, Rob Broderick, Chad Dlugolecki, and Pat Ferrill, four elite coaches in the Atlantic District, to build and guide an elite group of youth hockey players born in 2006. The coaches will use advanced scouting, coaching relationships, and player identification to select the team.

"Through the tireless efforts of our amazing coaches, I am thrilled that we can offer this program to our players," said Murry Gunty, Founder and CEO of Black Bear Sports Group. "It’s an honor for us to have the opportunity to send our young athletes to this event where they can compete against the best 2006 born hockey players in the world.”

Black Bear Selects is a continuation of Black Bear Sports Group’s commitment to the ladder of youth hockey development from the youngest players in their learn-to-play hockey programs through their junior hockey programs that compete at the highest levels in the United States Hockey League, North American Hockey League and Eastern Hockey League. Black Bear Sports Group currently owns fifteen youth hockey clubs at the Tier I and Tier II levels and three junior hockey franchises in the USHL, NAHL, and EHL.

For more information on Black Bear Selects and how to get scouted, contact:

Chris Kanaly (609) 713-4520
Chad Dlugloecki (973) 517-3913
Rob Broderick (347) 886-2185
Pat Ferrill (215) 852-3506

For Black Bear Sports Group, contact:
Ryan Scott (240) 223-1338

Princeton Tiger Lilies - Girls Ice Hockey 2021

Do you want to be part of the PREMIER girls ice hockey club here in Central Jersey?  Did you know the Princeton Tiger Lilies play right here out of Ice Land?! Make sure to sign up to be considered for a team next season! Click the link to continue and to become a Princeton Tiger Lily! Present + Future  Lilies follow the link!

Hamilton Huskies

Hamilton Huskies, Independant Mites Program

The Hamilton Huskies, our full ice mites program, takes the half-ice mite player and develops and prepares them for full-ice hockey! The Huskies will take your mite player to the next level in preparation for U10 hockey. They are coached by our Mercer Chiefs Coaches and are playing in the AHF and the Atlantic 8 this season.

We are still looking for an additional 1-2 players born in 2013 or 2014, who are ready to take their game to the next level. Development is key, but even more important is that the players are enjoying themselves - both on and off the ice! We believe, this is a tremendous opportunity for the mite players. We have kept costs as low as we possibly could. Uniforms will be provided. Ready to join the Huskies?!


Mercer family now owners of USHL Franchise!

Youngstown Phantoms Hockey, Ice Land, Hamilton, NJ

The Mercer Chiefs own a franchise in the EHL and the Maryland Black Bears of the NAHL and now also the Youngstown Phantoms in the USHL (the ONLY Tier-1 Junior league in the United States). Please see the information below on the Tier-2 and Tier-3 Junior landscape. The Chiefs separate ourselves from all youth organizations with a clear path to college and/or professional hockey.

"The NAHL is simply light years ahead everyone else. No other league comes close to matching the player marketing of the NAHL. From very well executed events, an incredibly active stream of player marketing, to a propaganda department like none other. The NAHL simply out works every other league when it comes to moving players on to higher levels."

Mercer Chiefs expand into Junior Hockey

Chiefs’ affiliate acquires NAHL and EHL Junior Hockey Franchises Hamilton, NJ – An affiliate of the Mercer Chiefs has acquired the rights to franchises in the North American Hockey League (“NAHL”) and the Eastern Hockey League (“EHL”) to begin play in the upcoming 2018-19 season at the Piney Orchard Ice Arena in Odenton, MD. 

“This is a very exciting step for the Mercer Chiefs. We are committed to building the premier program in New Jersey and creating a pyramid for our players to advance to college hockey,” said General Manager, Rob Broderick. “We are developing more talented players in the state of New Jersey then ever before and the Chiefs organization is looking forward to offering opportunities to advance. The NAHL’s reputation for Division I placement and the professional ranks speaks for itself, and no league does a better job placing athletes in Division III than the EHL.” 

The NAHL and EHL programs will recruit nationwide for both teams, but priority and preference will be given to Mercer Chiefs players. NAHL and EHL draft camps will be held at the Ice Land Skating Center this summer.

Ice Land & the Mercer Chiefs welcome Robert Broderick as the General Manager

Ice Land and the Mercer Chiefs are excited to announce Robert Broderick as the General Manager.

Rob Broderick has served as President of the New Jersey Rockets and Managing Director Midget Program and Head Coach of U18 team. He has coached with the Rockets for the last 14 years. He is the head US Scout for Ottawa Junior Senators in the CCHL. Rob was drafted by and played for the Sioux City Musketeers of the USHL and he was captain of his ECAC hockey team his junior and senior years. Over the past fourteen seasons, his Rockets teams have averaged thirty wins per regular season and his teams have made the playoffs every season in the AYHL and USPHL. Prior to joining the NJ Rockets, Rob was the head coach of Team Carolina, with that team being the first in the organization's history to win the AAA Regionals.

6 Tennis Court, Hamilton, NJ Ice Land

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DeMarco Training, Hamilton, NJ

DeMarco Training is the official trainer of the Mercer Chiefs and the Skating Club of Ice Land!

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Princeton Tiger Lilies

Princeton Tiger Lilies Girls Hockey, Ice Land, Hamilton NJ


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