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Junior Chiefs - Learn-to-Play Hockey

Current Session Dates + Times

Saturday - 9:10-10:10a

Winter Session 2- 
March 27, April 10, 17 + 24 

This is a 4 week session and prices are reflective of that at checkout! If adding Learn to Skate to your registration, to be mindful of the dates as there is some dates there isn't LTS due to Hockey Tryouts!

Registration open!

* If you have credits from during the shutdown, email to redeem them BEFORE registering. Credits CANNOT be added after the fact. Do not arrive more then 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. Stop at the front desk to check in and have your temperature taken. Temps over 100.4 will not be allowed to enter the building. Come to the rink dressed. Skates may be put on the lobby. Locker rooms will not be used at this time. There are no make-ups or credits for missed sessions. 

Learn to Play Information

While Ice Hockey requires a great deal of skill, the proper instruction and attitude make the game more fun and rewarding.

Our Learn to Play Hockey Program incorporates the most current and innovative ideas available today. It represents the best methods of starting beginning players on the right path to an enjoyable experience in our sport.

The Learn to Play Hockey Program lesson plans have been well tested, and have proven successful in every type of community setting. The established program objectives are:

  • To learn the basic skills required to play the game of hockey.
  • To develop an understanding of basic teamwork through participation in a variety of activities and adapted game situations.
  • To have fun while playing hockey and engaging in physical activity.
  • To create and refine basic motor patterns.
  • To be introduced to the concepts of cooperation, fair play and sportsmanship.

Ice Land's Learn to Play Hockey Program has two levels of instruction designed for beginning hockey players. Each classification represents a different level of skill progression. At the beginning of the program, players are evaluated according to ability and placed in the appropriate program level.

Each level consists of different lesson plans that follow a defined path of progression. As players move through the program, they improve both hockey skills and self-confidence.

The program focuses primarily on basic hockey skills: skating, puck-handling, passing and shooting.

Each skill is introduced and refined in a progressive "one step at a time" manner.

Players participate in practice drills, informal and modified games (similar to shinny or pond hockey). Players are soon proficient enough to have fun while they play.

Although the main emphasis is on fun and progressive skill development, the Learn to Play Hockey Program also allows youngsters to experience:

  • Cooperation
  • Fair play
  • Fitness

In addition to developing players' hockey skills and promoting physical fitness, our Instructors encourage initiative, stimulate interest in the sport, and instill a desire for continued participation.

We ask that skater's have completed some level of 'c' cuts or pumps and started crossovers before signing up for LTP. This is NOT a Learn-to-Skate class and skaters must KNOW HOW TO SKATE before signing up for LTP. Consider joining our Learn-to-Skate program here at Ice Land.

NEW! Increase your ice time with Learn-to-Skate!

To increase your ice time, you can now sign up for Learn-to-Play AND Learn-to-Skate and your LTS session will be discounted in half! So for just $169, you can sign up for 5 weeks of LTP AND 5 weeks of LTS! We have a hockey class within our LTS program at 6:30 on Friday nights or 11:30a on Sunday mornings.  No sticks or pucks will be used, but class focuses on hockey skating skills necessary for hockey play. Gear is not required for the Learn-to-Skate Hockey class, but many choose to wear full gear. Hockey helmets and hockey skates required. 

* Your LTS class must be during the same session as your LTP class. You cannot pick and choose which classes to attend over any period of time.
* Looking for more ice time? Check out our Rec Hockey program, our In-House League!


$119 for 5 weeks of instruction!
$229 for 10 weeks of instruction
+ includes a Junior Chiefs hockey jersey (with 10 week session only)!
* Trial classes are $30.

Plus USA Hockey Fee: $50 (annually)
Must register online for USA Hockey number.

Required Equipment

Each skater must have the following equipment before they can take to the ice for Learn-to-Play:

* Jersey
* Hockey Helmet & Mask
Mouth Guard
* Elbow Pads
 * Hockey Gloves
* Hockey Pants
* Shin Guards
* Athletic Supporter
* Hockey Skates
* Hockey Stick

Interested in Learn-to-Play?
for more information! 

NEW! Have littles who are interested in ice hockey? Enter the Mini Chiefs! The Mini Chiefs (age 3-6 years old) will join our regular Learn to Play program, the Junior Chiefs, on Saturday mornings from 9:10-10:10a. The Mini Chiefs MUST also be enrolled in our Learn-to-Skate program to do the Mini Chiefs program, as they still need their skating skills through Basic 4, to move on to our regular Learn-to-Play program. $99/5 one-hour sessions on top of their Learn-to-Skate session!

Hockey helmet, hockey skates (Can use rentals!), hockey stick, hockey pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads and shin guards are needed for class. Questions can be directed to Heather at

We have Mini Chiefs jerseys to purchase if you are interested, but they are not required! Names and favorite numbers may be added to the back of jersey for an additional fee. Contact to order!

Sign up with/under your Learn to Skate registration. The Mini Chiefs will run alongside the Learn to Skate schedule.

*Mini Chiefs will need a USA Hockey number. Birth years 2013 and later can obtain a USA Hockey number at NO cost at