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Tier I teams will have 2 practices per week during the regular season consisting of 75 minutes. Tier II teams will have 2 practices per week during the regular season consisting on 60 to 75 minutes. In addition to the above, some teams will share practice ice (subject to availability) to increase overall practice ice time. There may be additional clinics added one day per week.


Most games will be league games with some nonleague games added as desired by the coaching staff. Each team will be participate in tournaments during the season. Tournaments will be selected at the discretion of the Hockey Director and Coaching Staff.

Tier I Participates in the AYHL
Level # of Home Games
Midget U16/U18 20 home games
Bantam Major/Minor 20 home games
Peewee Major/Minor 20 home games
Squirt Major/Minor 20 home games
  • 50 to 65 practice slots
  • Participation in 3 tournaments
  • 3 day pre-season training camp in August
Tier 2 Participates in the NJYHL
Level # of Home Games
Mites 20 home games
Squirts 15 home games
Peewees 20 home games
Bantams 20 home games
Midgets U16 1/2 15 home games
Midget U18 1/2 10 home games
  • 50 to 60 practice slots
  • Participation in 2 tournaments
  • 3 day pre-season camp for Peewee to Midget


Tryout Fee: $125
($100 before 4/5/2013)
both Tier I & Tier II, 50% off the second tryout

Call Chris Barcless
Hockey Coordinator


Mercer Chiefs Calendar

Tier 1 Enrollment Fee

MIDGET U181995/1996 $4,100
MIDGET U161997/1998 $4,100
BANTAM MAJOR1999 $3,750
BANTAM MINOR2000 $3,750
PEEWEE MAJOR2001 $3,550
PEEWEE MINOR2002 $3,550
SQUIRT MAJOR2003 $3,300
SQUIRT MINOR2004 $3,300

Tier 2 Enrollment Fee

MIDGET U18 AA 1/21995/1996 $1,700
MIDGET U16 A 1/21997/1998 $2,500
BANTAM AA1999/2000 $3,200
BANTAM A1999/2000 $2,900
BANTAM B1999/2000 $2,900
PEEWEE AA2001/2002 $2,900
PEEWEE A2001/2002 $2,700
PEEWEE B2001/2002 $2,700
SQUIRT A2003/2004 $1,000
SQUIRT B2003/2004 $1,000
SQUIRT AA2003/2004 $1,000