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  • We are now offering the Open Hockey Season Pass.....
  • Good for 3 months of unlimited Open Hockey Session use for the unbelievable low price of $100!!

To obtain a Pass you must visit our office to sign up. The Office hours vary during the year so please call ahead: 609-588-6672

Then all you have to do is present your pass at each session and you're saving begins. Please note that the amount of Open Hockey Sessions per Month varies each month.

Open Hockey Sessions are ice time when a customer can come work on their hockey skills and/or play pickup hockey with their friends.

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent present when first signing up to sign all paperwork
  • The cost of Admission is only $10.00
  • The cost of Admission for goalies is only $5.00
Note: Full Equipment is Mandatory. Management reserves the right to remove a player from the ice or deny access to the ice if, in their assessment, the player does not meet the equipment requirement.

*First two goalies to arrive for an Open Hockey session skate free!

We ask that you observe the rules posted for Open Hockey



per admission

for goalies

discount Open Hockey Pass for 3 months

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